be irresistible

The Incredible Obsession Drawing All Men to the Same Center

Men and women do not think alike at all. In many ways, they think totally opposite of each other. This is a pretty substantial problem when it comes to figuring out where the other person is coming from. But, none of this is new. Men and women have explored relationship dynamics and tried to figure out what makes them so fundamentally different so cavemen fought for food and women cared for babies in the caves.

In other words, it is par for the course. There is a Grand Canyon-sized difference between men and women, and it seems to never be filled with any kind of bridge. Marriage is like a tiny little bridge, held together by sticks and silly putty.

His Obsession is Palpable

But, there may be an answer. Women are fully capable of stumbling into his secret obsession. They can find out exactly what it takes to keep him engaged and drawn into the relationship. Men tend to drift emotionally. Their mind wanders. They lose sight of the relationship they are in. Women respond by jumping on it and attacking it. They either handle it directly, which runs into a big confrontation. The man pulls back, he shuts down, and all falls apart.

Responding to a Problem

The woman can also respond by being passive-aggressive or secretive in how they approach the problem. This usually does not work either because the man is too dim to pick up on any problem at all. This results in further frustration, more emotional shutting down, and the same resolution.

No, the problem is more complex and it can all be resolved by tapping into his one true obsession. His obsession is not something that is widely known. It is not sex and it is not money, though some may disagree. It is something inherently more biological and passionate. It is something that is primitive and ingratiated into his ego and his psyche. Women can be irresistible. If they become irresistible, they can find it. They can find that secret and primitive need that all men can't properly convey but they all need it.